Can I become an RN in 2 years?

Can I become an RN in 2 years?

Students interested in becoming a registered nurse (RN) can follow several paths to start a career. To become a nurse, you can earn an RN diploma, a nurse degree (ADN) or a four-year degree in nursing (BSN). Can I become an RN in 2 years?

Educational Requirements

Becoming an RN thanks to a diploma program allows nurses to enter the workforce faster than earning BSN. After passing NCLEX you can immediately start work and gain experience as a nurse.

Many nurses choose not to earn BSN after high school. Nurses who start their studies with ADN diplomas or diplomas often decide to continue their professional career in BSN. If you have an RN license or an academic degree, your loans are usually transferred, which allows you to earn a BSN in just two years. Nurses can also implement RN-BSN online study programs.

Benefits of RN’s career

Because high-quality healthcare appears to be one of the country’s top priorities, RNs can expect greater employment opportunities, accompanied by higher-than-average wages and attractive benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 12% increase in employment by RN 2028 RNS to earn an average annual salary of $ 75,510, which is well above the national average of $ 51,960. The highest-paid RNs with many years of experience and BSN degrees earn well above $ 100,000 a year.

Where RNs operate also affects compensation. BLS lists the most job offers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. California offers the highest earnings, followed by Hawaii and Washington

Because nurses have to work on duty, often expecting weekend, holiday and night shifts from them, employers provide relatively large benefit packages. Many RN positions offer childcare, educational benefits, and competitive pay.

Can I become an RN in 2 years?

Associate studies programs (ASN)

Associated nursing programs typically last between 21 and 24 months. Some schools may have entry requirements that must be met before being admitted to the nursing program. Requirements will vary from school to school, but classes such as mathematics, anatomy, nutrition and microbiology may sometimes be required before you start school.

Two-year associated study programs are offered at private vocational and colleges. In addition to nursing, there may be a need for diploma classes such as the humanities, communication and social sciences. Nursing classes and clinical rotations are also part of the associated study program.

Nurses who earn an ASN and pass the licensing exam often work in the same conditions as those with a four-year diploma. Nurses with an academic degree work in various types of nursing and wards, including in the intensive care unit, mental health department, pediatrics and the emergency department.

Important features of RN

When you’re an RN, certain qualities will help you succeed in the field. These features include excellent critical thinking skills, compassion for patients and their families, great organizational skills, patience and communication skills. In addition, RN’s responsibilities can have a negative impact on your emotional well-being. You must be able to deal with human suffering, stress and crises.



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